I am concealing my real name because I can't trust anyone on the internet. However, I am the infamous 9spaceking, the epic troll brony "master" debater ambling about on You see me once in a while doing serious debates, although losing most of them, and doing troll debates, which I occasionally lose as well.

You guys can contact me on, but please don't spam, or I'll spam you back. :P

Jack McGonnell is an "alter-ego" created by myself in order to think in different ways and become a better debater. I have certain "rules" that separate him from me (Nye is just me being myself, but Jack has certain "odd behaviors", listed below:)

-Jack reminds us "Jack here." whenever he starts debating.

-Jack is generally "cool and laid back."

-Jack tries to twist your arguments against yourself as much as possible

-Jack never concedes the full debate

-Jack always thinks from the perspective of the opponent before thinking of his own"

-Jack always "follows the voice of logic and reason", not emotion.

-Jack always try to think of the bigger picture.

-Jack will try to debate the nitty-gritty definitions, challenge the framework, as well as Burden of Proof if at all possible

On Jack even uses 14-point font Andale Mono instead of the usual 12-point default font. However, using two different fonts isn't possible on, thus one font must suffice.